Tel./Fax: +7 (423) 240-66-98.  240-64-91

690091, Russia,  Vladivostok,

Admiral Fokin Street 8, housing1B 

The ports of supply are the following:

• Vanino                            • Kozmino    

• Vladivostok                    • Korsakov

• Vostochniy                     • Nahodka

• Zarubino                        • Posyet

• Slavyanka



We can offer you different kinds of marine fuels: Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO 30, IFO 120, IFO 180) and Marine Diesel Oil (MDO).


All types of petrochemical products we supply are made in accordance with Russian federal standards (GOST) and Technical specifications and comply with ISO: 8217:2012 supported by the appropriate quality certificates issued by independent surveyors


We are capable of producing and blending a wide range of residual fuel demanded in the region (Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO-30), RMG 380, RME 180, RMD 80, RMB 30). The process is monitored at every stage: storage, transshipment, transporting, and delivery to the client’s boat. The highest quality is confirmed by the leading independent surveyor laboratories, such as Saybolt Petroleum Analists, SGS and Inspektorat-Р.