Tel./Fax: +7 (423) 240-66-98.  240-64-91

690091, Russia,  Vladivostok,

Admiral Fokin Street 8, housing1B 

      The MESOS company offers the following services: 

  • Customs and other routine procedures required on ship’s approach to a port destination;

  • Assistance in providing a ship with a wharf and swimming facilities, such as tows, speed boats and etc., and a pilotage;

  • Ship supply (including fuel, ration and logistics items);

  • Ship repair;

  • Crew support (including obtaining visas, transfers and other documents)

  • Assistance in the loading and unloading, notification of ship-owners on the processes of loading and unloading;

  • Surveyor services;

  • Legal services including Protection of ship-owners’ interests facing with freight owners and vexed question in customs, and ports’ administration;

  • Executing all the official requirements for ship’s approach to the port followed by customs, medical checks, fixed duties payment, obtaining relevant documentation;

  • Crew agency support;

  • Execution of additional requests and orders from a ship owner or captain