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690091, Russia,  Vladivostok,

Admiral Fokin Street 8, housing1B 

 MESOS Ltd. is a civil liable company committed to the highest social health and safety standards, appropriate work conditions for its’ employees and environmental protection.


We ensure a secure process of loading and unloading of products and other activities connected with ship maintenance and servicing. We also focus on environmental safety issues and oil spills prevention.


The MESOS’s activity aimed at environmental protection is based not only  on the principles of the “Social Policy of Industrial Safety, Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Protection”, but also on the particular instruments and skills, employees’ experience, professional competence and even, in some cases, their ability to simulate the situation, predict its’ possible development and take an adequate decision to resolve it.


We will not consider any financially , economically or technically beneficial aspects of business if they can endanger health and safety of our employees and or environmental safety. 

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