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Construstion, dredging , engineering,  consulting and auditing services

Mesos Ltd. offers a wide range of construction, dredging , engineering,  consulting and auditing services for customers involved in natural resources business activities outlined below:

  • Industrial and transport  construction, reconstruction and engineering, major overhaul works;

  • Construction of motorways, airports, tram and train railways;

  • Installation of bridges, flyovers, and crossovers;

  • Landscaping;

  • Project depth reconstruction;

  • Surveying and pre-construction activities;

  • Dredging in ports and channels;

  • Development of new port areas.

  • Elaboration of measures of lessening the environment damage from dredging;

  • Assessment of environmental impact;

  • Preparation of programme for control of environmental protection during dredging and hydraulic mechanisms works;

  • Drafting of planning documentation for supervision of construction and repair works;

  • Engineering survey;

  • Client support at every stage of the project, from initial concept draft and development to construction and full operation;

  • Complete draft and operational documentation support including compliance with Russian technical requirements and legislation and approval with expert organizations;

  • Installation of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions;

  • Installation and start-up, hydraulic, diving and pile-driving works;